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Xerox Museum

Xerox Museum

The Xerox Museum was opened by A R Pickthall, Chairman of the Mitcheldean Parish Council on 20th February 2003. For more information see the April 2003 Xerox Europe Magazine.

The relevant extracts from the Parish Council meetings in 2002/2003 can be found here

It has on display a number of the original Xerox products including the 1385 from the 1950s and the 914 and 813 from the 1960s. Additionally a few of the newer products including the last copier produced on the site (DC440). These were donated by Xerox and are the property of the Mitcheldean Parish Council.

Also present are items of memorabilia donated by past employees and the trophies (Skittles, Darts, Cricket, Golf etc) from the Sports & Social Club.

The Social Club unfortunately ceased trading in early 2017 which is why the Trophies are now on display in the Museum.

The Museum has been enhanced in recent months by a a small group of ex-employees known as ‘The Friends of Xerox Museum’ and will continue to be improved by them in the coming weeks and months. A timeline has been created and is displayed, which covers the period 1940 to 2002.

2020: Additional work being undertaken will include installing touchscreens with an interactive timeline and videos explaining the history of the Mitcheldean Plant.

If you have BAF, Bell & Howell, Rank Xerox or Xerox memorabilia, Vision Magazines, product brochures etc, that you are prepared to donate to the Museum please contact us. We are interested in the period from 1940 when British Acoustic Films moved to Mitcheldean.

Major changes to the Town Hall, which houses the Xerox Museum, are expected in 2018. This will further enhance the displays and improve availability. Check Events to see if there is a forthcoming Open Day / Open Afternoon.  If not been why not organise a group visit.

Directions to Mitcheldean Town Hall

Visits by groups can be arranged (6 people or more) to view the Museum, you will be met by one of the organising team. Use the contact page to arrange your visit.

See Photo Gallery for additional Museum images.

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  1. Gerald you and your team have done an excellent job on this new web site . Keep up the good work to enable our grand kids to see where we worked for so many enjoyable years .

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