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Mitcheldean Village

The market town of Mitcheldean lies on the Western side of the Forest of Dean. Mitcheldean is a thriving large village with old timbered houses and narrow streets and a medieval church. Once a centre for the brewing industry. The original brewery now known as The Mews, is now occupied by several local businesses. On the edge of the village is a large business park which includes Xerox, once one of the largest employers in the Forest of Dean.

The wealth that was generated by the towns industries and retail concerns shows in the buildings, such as the early 18th century Town Hall, 17th century George Inn and half timbered Mill End Street cottages, but the most distinguished building is the Church of St Michael. This was built in the 14th century, but in 1460, an outer aisle was added to the nave which helped make it one of the widest churches in the country. It was restored by Henry Woodyer in 1853.

Mitcheldean (extract from RX 1984 brochure)
Map - Mitcheldean 1844-1898
Map 1898-1939
Map 2016

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