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In early 1960s production of Bell & Howell equipment ceased and Rank Xerox manufactured and assembled the Xerox Copier, starting with the Xerox 914. Production of Xerox equipment continued through until 2002.

Xerox Product Brochures and Operating Manuals

Xerox Copyflo 11
Xeronic Printer Technical 1960
Xeronic Printer Programming 1964
Rank Xerox 1385 Manual
914 Key Operator's Manual
914 Operating Instructions
Xerox 813
Xerox 660
3600 Duplicator Brochure
3600 Key Operator's Manual
5046 Copier
8200 Duplicator
9200 Duplicator
9400 Duplicator
9500 Duplicator brochure
9500 Duplicator brochure
9700 Brochure

Xerox Product Range

The Xerox Store 1982
Xerox Product Guide
RXUK Brochure 1989
Xpressions Jan 2007 - 50 year
Celebrating 75 years

British Acoustic Films (BAF) moved into the Brewery Buildings in 1940 and little is known about their wartime production.

Production following the war involved the manufacture and assembly of Bell & Howell Cine Equipment under a 15 year licence agreement between BAF & Bell & Howell signed in 1946. Production started with 16mm Projectors in 1948. Followed by 8mm Cameras and Projectors in 1950 and 16mm Cameras in 1952. The Company name became Rank Precision Industries (RPI), a Division of The Rank Organisation.

Bell & Howell Product Brochures (original copies at Xerox Museum)

B&H 605 8mm Camera
B&H 605 8mm Camera
B&H 606 8mm Silent Projector
B&H 609 Projector
B&H 621 16mm Sound Projector
B&H 622 16mm Sound Projector
B&H 626 16mm Sound Projector
B&H 630 16mm Projector
B&H 635 Projector
GB 732 Tape Recorder

Photos of Bell & Howell Products

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Photos of Xerox Products

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