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Over the years terms and conditions of employment changed

Employment Rules

BAF New Employee booklet
RPI Our Jobs 1957
RPI Staff Rules
RPI Works Rules
Rank Org Now You Are Joining Us
Rank Org Staff Rules (draft)
Rank Org Works Rules (draft)
Rank Org Staff Rules
Rank Org Works Rules
Rank Xerox Works Rules
BAF Rental Agreement 1942 - Edward George Pearce

Assorted related documents

History of Model 914 - October 1960
Mitcheldean a synopsis 1963
Mitcheldean FOD Newspaper 1963
History of Rank Org @ Mitcheldean 1964
Mitcheldean employment needs 1964
Mitcheldean history notes for D. R. Sheppard 1964
Revision of working hours 1965
Mitcheldean history 1967
Mitcheldean Operations 1969

Photos of Bell & Howell Products

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The Plant

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