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About Us

The first Heritage Project was to collect, preserve and create a DVD of all 269 published Vision Magazines. The following individuals made significant contributions towards the collection. Joanne Maizonnier-Bridges, Basil Brown, Alan Cryer, Ray Dance, Dave Morris, Alan Phelps, Brian Reeves, Chris Warren.

The DVD is available at a cost of £3.00 (plus £1.00 P&P if required). This includes a contribution to future project costs. Please use the contact page to get in touch.

The Memories of Rank Xerox Mitcheldean website was created by GMP Software of Ross-on-Wye with the support, of a group of ex-employees. The current project team consists of: Gerald Cooke, Ian Hale, Stuart Harrold and Keith Wilding. In addition to the website, significant enhancements have been made to the Xerox Museum in Mitcheldean Town Hall.

The Project was established in January 2017 to gather together, to preserve and share the heritage associated with the Mitcheldean Plant. From its early days as a Brewery through to Xerox, taking in:

British Acoustic Films Ltd (BAF) – a brief history

The Rank Organisation – a brief history

Rank Precision Industries Ltd (RPI)

Rank Xerox


Many thanks to these contributors:

Anonymous, Kay Ashton-Lomax, Jeremy Barnard, Mark Barnard, Joan Beavan, Paul Beddis, Mike Bendall, Jill Bennett, Robin Berks, Rowan Berks, Peter Blake, Brian Buckland, Trevor Bullock, A Caldwell, Charles Carr, Richard Chambers, Shane Cherry, David Cooke, Gerald Cooke, John Court, Terry Darrington, Alec Davis, Allan Edwards, David James Evans, Graham Firth, Robin Fyffe, Bill Gilmour, Daren Green, Raymond Grolimund, Katherine Haines, Ian Hale, Ann Hall,  Stuart Harrold, Jerry Hatch, Tony Haynes, Nick Hill, Kevin Horrobin, Bob Howell, Tim Humphries, Roger Imm, Dennis King, Phil King, Derek Knibbs, John Lewis, Trevor Knight, Keith Marfell, Adrian Meek, Sean Mills, Jeff Morgan, Bernard Morris, Fred Niblett, Robert Parkinson (also behalf of the late Don Parkinson), Bob Parsons, Ruth Patterson, K A Phillips, Nora Powell, Chris Rawlings, Brian Reeves, David Sanderson, Graham Spencer, Mike Stevenson, David Stokes, Ken Syme, Keith Taylor, Arthur Thomas, Hugh Thomas, Bob Turner, Charlie Walker, Roy Watkins, David Wear, Graham Whitaker, John Whitney, Keith Wilding, Colin Williams, Geoff Williams, Ula Woolley, Dave Wood, Don Wood.

Special thanks to:

David Stokes for the donating a Xerox 5614 Copier.

Stuart Harrold for the Voice Recorder.

Keith Wilding for the three glass display cabinets

Brian Reeves for the glass display cabinet

Ian Hale, Stuart Harrold and Keith Wilding for the many hours of effort that they have put into bringing the project to fruition; both the website and Xerox Museum. (also thanks to past project members Brian Reeves, Don Wood and the late Peter Street for their assistance and guidance)

Adrian Meek for some very unusual items that we would not normally have come across (who remembers the tannoy?)

Mary Critikos for funding the forthcoming Touchscreen Xerox Museum enhancements.

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