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The Plant

The Plant

In 1868 Wintles Brewery built several building in Mitcheldean. By 1939 these were largely unused except as storage.

British Acoustic moved into the Brewery Building in 1940. Limited building subsequently took place. However, with the demise of Bell & Howell and the arrival of Xerox the site expanded very rapidly.

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Mitcheldean 50 years
21st Anniversary 1959-1980
RX Activities 1978_1979
Rank Xerox Mitcheldean brochure c 1984
A Saga of Enterprise 1963
Map 2016
Map 1898-1939
Map 1844-1898
Rank Xerox Mitcheldean Brochure c 1969
M. Beech - Celebrating 50 year Alliance

The Plant

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