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Vision 138

July/August 79 No. 138
In Buoyant Mood
That’s how these girls felt, despite having named their raft the ‘Titanic’ (which was a somewhat backhanded compliment to the builder, apprentice Steve Morris).
The girls — engineering apprentice Debbie Lowen (in unisex gear) and commercial trainees Sarah Davies, Mary Nash and Sue Keen — were taking part in a sponsored raft race from Wilton Bridge, Ross-on-Wye, to Lydbrook on July 14. And we’re glad to report that, unlike its
namesake, their craft kept afloat and reached the finish safely.
Several groups of people from Mitcheldean also took part, including our Works Fire Brigade, Maintenance men, and some electrical adjusters from 9400 Dept — the ‘Splash In Sparks’ — who tied with another group for second place.
But the official RX entry, we were assured by ‘Admiral’ Ken Griffiths of Security, was the ‘HMS Rank Xerox’ (see story on page 3).
The raft came in sixth, but won the race to raise the most for Spina Bifida Research — the magnificent sum of £500, which included a donation of £200 from the Company.
At the time of going to press, the total amount raised by the other rafts had still to be totted up, and it is planned to hand over a cheque for the proceeds of the race to the Spina Bifida Research people at a special function to be held at Mitcheldean in the near future.
Madge Jenkins explains the data appearing on the screen to Nadia Kemley while, on the right, Roy Brooks studies the print-out.
Our telephone traffic has increased by some 80 per cent in the last 12 months and this, together with increased telephone charges, has had an alarming effect on our telephone bill. To keep it within bounds, the Company is relying on two things — control, using the very latest in communications technology, and the co-operation of callers. On the understanding that ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’, we have installed a computerised call-monitoring system which is expected to pay for itself in the first year. Call-monitoring systems have been in operation for the past few years on automatic-type telephone exchanges, but this system, known as Tel-Tag, is the first to be able to monitor a manual-type switchboard such as we have at Mitcheldean.
Digital Reports The new ‘assistant’ is located in the office of Madge Jenkins, Senior Telecommunications Supervisor, and connected to the exchange via a scanner. In this way, Tel-Tag can keep a check on all incoming and outgoing calls, though since it is digital it can’t ‘eavesdrop’ on actual conversations. Every time a call comes in or goes out via the GPO system, Tel-Tag flags up information about it on the screen of a visual display unit — the extension number, the number being called (if outgoing), the time the call is made and its duration, so that an ‘on-the-spot’ visual check can be made. This information can also be printed out simultaneously on a line printer which forms part of the system. The ‘brain’ of Tel-Tag is the controller which stores the information and processes it on demand to give the financial and
general reports required by management. Each week a summary, by department, is being issued and managers will be able to obtain the following information: • extension number • time of day the outgoing call was made • duration of call • cost of call • number dialled • number of incoming calls and their duration
Tel-Tag can also produce ‘histograms’ which show the use being made of extensions, exchange lines, ‘Direct’ network and Cinderford and Lydney tie-lines. This will enable Office Services Manager Roy Brooks to see how the various lines and extensions are being used and identify which are overloaded. He can then rearrange extensions to provide greater efficiency and reduce rental charges. This sort of information can also help to make trends more easily recognisable so that future requirements can be planned more accurately.
CALLING ALL USERS Please co-operate by following this ‘Calling Code’: • ‘Phone after 1 pm — before that there is a surcharge of 25%. • Plan your conversation beforehand and make sure any relevant documents are to hand. • Keep the conversation to the business in hand (in a friendly way, of course). • Don’t hold on, it is cheaper to call back later. • Use the ‘Direct’ network wherever this is available.
A further feature of Tel-Tag is that it can record calls that should have been made via the ‘Direct’ network (where there is no charge on traffic generated) but which have been made instead via the GPO system, incurring a charge.
Co-operation Another ‘direct’ method of operation which is helping us to cope effectively with our greatly increased traffic over the telephone wires was introduced at Mitcheldean on July 2. Unless they ask for assistance (as in the case of international calls), extension users at Mitcheldean are now given a line on request and can dial their business calls direct. This means that our switchboard staff are able to concentrate more fully on those all-important incoming calls where we rely on our girls to project a good image of the Company.
Site Directory ‘It is intended, in the near future, to produce a site telephone directory from the Tel-Tag line printer, with more information for Mitcheldean users’, says Roy Brooks. ‘For this reason it is essential that users notify Madge Jenkins on ext. 479 of changes for the directory as and when they occur.’
Engaged? Despite every effort to make each issue of the directory as accurate as possible, the odd misprint does occasionally get through. Hopefuls queued up to apply for a certain gentleman’s post when they saw this entry in the last issue against a secretary’s name: ‘Sex to A, P. S—’ and the question was asked : ‘Is this the ultimate in managerial perks ?’ No wonder the cover of the directory was bright red !
Theurc all Qood Sports
The ‘HMS Rank Xerox’— claimed to be the only dry raft in the race! It was escorted to the starting-point by a drummer and two trumpeters playing a funeral march!
Sponsorship has proved a splendid money-spinner for charities in recent years, and given a two-fold sense of achievement to those who have been sponsored. People of all ages have walked miles to win money, lost lbs to gain £££’s and often discovered a totally new interest through being adventurous in a good cause. We recently reported in VISION EXTRA the sponsored parachute jumps made by Mayor of Cinderford Frank Beard (who works in the Supply Centre) and Courtney Morgan (Electrical Sub-assembly) which brought in some £200 for the Cheltenham Cobalt Unit. Neither of them had parachuted before and although Frank, while appreciating the experience, felt once was enough, Courtney found himself bitten by the bug and he has now joined the ranks of leisure-time sky-divers. Other sponsored events that have come to our notice this summer seem to have been concentrated on the River Wye. Last May, for example, Dino Nardecchia (QA) and some friends were among the hundreds who took part in an annual 100-mile carnival raft race from Hay-on-Wye to Chepstow Bridge. ‘It was in four stages, spread over four days and the going was tough’, says Dino. ‘But we weren’t out to win, just to finish the course’. Which they did, bringing in nearly £600. Of this, £80 was collected by Dino himself at Mitcheldean, thanks to kind sponsors, and the overall total raised — which exceeded the target of £12,000 — is being used to purchase a specially equipped minibus and playground equipment for handicapped children. Mental Handicap Week began on June 24, and some of our people paddled canoes down the Wye on that Sunday to support the Herefordshire Society for the Mentally Handicapped. The rally this time was a 27-mile one, from Hereford to Ross; Kay Evans (Electrical Sub-assembly) partnered Kevin Virgo (Production Control) while Vilma Powell (Commodity Operations) and schoolmaster Dick Brice were in another canoe. Both couples finished the course (only half the 300 people who entered did so). Vilma alone raised £56, Kay and Kevin £82. Vilma’s a girl who enjoys adventure on water, land or in the air. We featured her in VISION back in spring 1974 when she and Maria
The Rank Xerox Fire Service put out a raft.
Kay Evans. Vilma Powell and Kevin Virgo meet for a chat about the day they paddled their canoes for a good cause.
Cleary of Tool Control did a sponsored jump in aid of the British Diabetic Association and raised over £100. Though he didn’t reach the sky himself, Martyn Holbrook (Mfg Eng.) of the Rank Xerox Aeromodellers flew his ‘Vortex’ model for 46 minutes in a sponsored ‘Soar for Britain’ and raised £21 in support of the British Thermal Soaring Team who competed in the World Championships this summer. The latest sponsored event — on the Wye again — was the raft race on July 14 from Wilton Bridge to Lydbrook. Last year it was held in aid of Mitcheldean Scouts, but in this, the Year of the Child, the proceeds are for Spina Bifida Research. Among the various rafts manned by Mitcheldean people was the ‘HMS Rank Xerox’ captained by Security officer Nigel Meek. To ensure the security of the crew, life-saver Ken Fox (QA) was taken on as bosun’s mate. His services weren’t required, but they did lose a member of their
Bob Randall looks coy about taking to the water with Ann Jones, John Carswell and Jill Smith.
crew — and their chances of winning — when ‘engineering officer’ Don Wilkes was rammed by the raft at some rapids and had to go ashore for treatment. As you’ll have seen from our front cover story, though they didn’t come in first, they won the race to raise the biggest Mitcheldean contribution to the fund — £500. As we went to press, we heard that apprentice John Skinner, a member of the Gloucester 18-Plus Group, will become the third person at Mitcheldean to help the Cobalt Unit Appeal Fund by doing a sponsored sky-dive next September. Whether sponsored or sponsoring, we think you’re all good sports !
‘*l’>in,r”^°’ Dry-tone machine marks entry of a ‘^^^^^-^ ‘zS ‘*’wp/ej7’*” newcomer to the UK copier market ^xet ^””^ «\oft*
,WM, “”‘•cft .”‘•’•o . m. „ l«….g .m|,..kM „i„,n Th. ,c,p I rules At a recent meeting of the LSA committee the question of early retirement was discussed, and it was decided that, in order for early retirees to qualify as retired members of the association, they must:
• be at least 60 years old (men) or 55 (women) and have completed 20 years’ service with the Company; or • be at least 57 years old (men) or 52 (women) and have completed 25 years’ service; or • have been granted early retirement by the Company on grounds of health, but would have completed 20 years’ service at normal retirement age. The present constitution of the association does not allow the committee to grant honorary membership, should there be any circumstances outside these criteria; the subject of honorary membership is, however, to be considered at the next meeting of the committee.
Arthur Mason, one of the LSA’s retired members, and his wife recently celebrated their golden wedding and Bill Austin took this happy picture of of them cutting the cake at a celebratory party. Arthur, who was with the Company for 27 years, is a former chairman of the FIX Amateur Photographic Club and is currently one of its vice-presidents.
Viv James came to the end of his 17-year-long association with Production Control when he took early retirement at the beginning of July. He had supervised the provisioning of parts for our machines from the 813 onwards and in the last couple of years was Customer Liaison supervisor dealing with Fuji Xerox, Xerox Corp and Venray. His leavetaking was marked by the presentation of a silver goblet, handed over by Manager Ernie Wood, and our picture shows him (front row, fourth from right) with his colleagues in Demand Entry and Customer Liaison at a party in the club house.
Above left: Don Peates, Ray Camp, Fred Wickstead and Henry Ptiillips talk about sporting times past. Above right: Fred receives his club tie from Don Elliott; on the far right is club chairman Barry Barton. Those old family films It was just like viewing family filmsno recorded sound but a lively commentary from the audience as they recognised faces on the screen. The Sports & Social Club had invited Fred Wickstead and his wife to see round the club house on July 10 (they had been unable to attend the official opening last year). Happily some old films of Company sports days taken in the years 1944-55 had been discovered in the former club house after the move. and Fred was able to see these in the company of those who either appeared in the films or knew those who did. Events ranged from tug-of-war to putting the shot, from obstacle and relay to children’s races. For many, the highlight was a walking race with a kind of John Cleese character (‘That was Trader Home, remember?’) sauntering way out in front of the rest of the field — he literally walked away with the prize. ‘We banned
him from the race after that, even though he was a director!’ The improvements in camera techniques and film stock became evident as the show moved into the 1950’s, and when one film changed suddenly from monochrome to colour, someone was heard to say ‘They must have signed the expense sheet I’ One thing was obvious — English summers then were no better than they are today! The films over, Don Elliott presented Fred with a club tie, and Fred congratulated the committee on ‘this magnificent club house’. He thanked them for ‘giving us old-timers a wonderful and memorable evening. It really was great.’
Hockey Squad Like most other sports, hockey suffered from the onslaught of the winter weather. A handful of games was completed early in the season but numerous other matches were cancelled because of frozen pitches and/or frozen players. As only three or four of the Mixed Hockey Club squad play regularly for other teams, there was a lack of match practice for the majority of the team, but this did not stop them competing in the Stroud Tournament on April 1. The day was dull and windy but the hockey fast and exciting. Placed in the strongest league, the team were in the company of top Gloucester and Bristol mixed teams. Undeterred by this, they played with flair and enthusiasm and soon showed their skill by holding Old Bristolians to a goalless draw. The next game was lost to the Gloucester Grasshoppers team by a solitary goal scored by Colin Mason, the team captain, who was guesting for Grasshoppers. Now the lack of match practice was beginning to tell, the team losing their final two games, both by a solitary goal. Considering the quality
of their opponents, however, the team felt justifiably proud of their display. The squad has remained stable over the season but, with so small a number to pick from, injury and non-availability can cause problems. So the club are extending an invitation to both male and female (especially female) players to play during the summer season. Anybody who is interested is asked to contact either Colin Mason, ext. 249, or Paul Dean/Nigel Ward, ext. 774. The Squad — Ken Ambury, Gordon Cruickshank, Paul Dean, Bruce Ellis, Bev Fletcher, Colin Mason (capt.). Sue Morgan, Lynne Nash, Nora Powell, Dave Powell, Robert Ryder, Richard Trim, Nigel Ward.
Motor Club Clocks 200 An absolute sell-out and very generous support with the raffle, plus Rank Xerox paying expenses for the night, made Thursday, May 24, a very special Disco Evening. Another reason why it was so special was that all proceeds (£202) are being used to launch a brand new charity — an appeal fund for an
Acute Dialysis Unit within Gloucester Royal Hospital. The cheque will be handed over at a social evening in September, with the proceeds of that also going to the appeal fund, so obviously we hope for another sell-out. In the meantime, thanks to Pete Blake (DJ Extraordinaire), Hawkwell Copying and Rank Xerox for their donations. Wednesday, May 23, saw Stuart Harrold of Engineering and Graham Elsmore at a rally evening in the function room. Between film shows, Stuart gave a faultless talk on rallying which revealed what an important part a navigator plays in assisting the driver on a rally. Only 30 people present at this function, which, considering Stuart and Graham form one of the top rally teams in this country, was extremely disappointing. I only hope that should we ever ask Stuart to talk to us again, the response from the Motor Club membership will be far greater. Apart from three committee members, only four people wanted to go on the Panther cars trip on June 12. What’s up with you lot out there? Another good day you missed I
As well as Panthers, we included a look at Brooklands Race Circuit (actually driving on the track) plus a conducted tour of Safir who are a small engineering works — but what goodies inside! Morgan, Lotus, BMW, Ml, E-type Jag, XK140, AC Cobra, Healey Sprite — all being renovated, restored or rebuilt to customers’ specifications. If you want to see pictures of these beautiful models you can beg Adrian Richards on ext. 388. Safir, without doubt, was the highlight of the day, and our thanks go to the Southboro Group, Byfleet, who arranged the two ‘extras’. Thirty-two people enjoyed themselves on the London coach trip on June 23, I’m led to believe, and subjects as far ranging as the Natural History Museum and strip clubs in Soho were looked into by different groups. The annual general meeting took place on Wednesday, July 4; apart from John Hally who was elected chairman/transport secretary, and one new committee member — Dave Mills, whose post is road safety/film secretary — the committee remains as before, namely: secretary — Adrian Richards; treasurer— Dave Budrey; public relations officer — Pete Fisher; social secretary — Graham Jones: competition secretary — Alan Haines; newsletter editor — Mark Parry; membership secretary— Marion Thomas. Spotlight
Golfing Round For the second outing of the season on Monday, May 21, the Golf Society visited the Clevedon Golf Course. It was their first visit there and much enjoyed by those who went. Two rounds were played, the morning round being Medal and the afternoon Stableford scoring. The morning round was won by Des Gibbs who carded a gross 87 giving a net 70. Second was Roy Taylor with a gross 87 net 71, and third was Mike Sawyer with a gross 89 net 73. The afternoon Stableford was won by Tony Hehir with 33 points; second was Ken Ellway with 32 points while John Wigg came third with 31 points. The venue for the third meeting on Friday, June 22, was Boughton Park which is the home of the Worcester Golf Club, the competition being a 36-hole Medal scoring for the Summer Cup. Thirty-five golfers turned up to play; once again we picked a warm sunny day, and to complement it some very fine scores were returned. The morning round produced four clear leaders: Bill Price, off a 17 handicap, carded a gross 81 net 64;
Dave Robinson was hot on his heels with a gross 77 net 66; Geoff Paton, steady as ever off his 5 handicap, produced a gross 72(! !) net 67, and Tony Knight (8 handicap) carded a gross 77 net 69. The afternoon produced more good rounds with morning leaders holding on. Scores were: Bill Price net 67, Geoff Paton net 70, Tony Knight net 72, while Graham Gardner made a good run in the afternoon with a net 69. Final placings were: 1st Bill Price (131 net); 2nd Geoff Paton (137 net); 3rd Tony Knight (141 net); 4th Dave Robinson (145 net).
The Big Conger ‘Help! Hang on to my shirt-tails — I’m going overboard !’ came a cry from club member Lyndon Michael when he hooked into a big conger eel on the Sea Angling Club’s first wreck fishing trip aboard the Alton from Brixham. After fighting for some time to drag the big conger up from the wreck, Lyndon’s 401b line and the conger parted company. Alas, another one that got away. But numbers of good-sized fish were taken on the trip — conger up to 351b, ling up to 181b and the odd pout whiting. Club members feel they have found a good deck-hand in their secretary who, much to everybody’s amusement and gratitude(!), did a great job on the way out in catching mackerel for bait and gutting the day’s catch on the way back. Unfortunately, though, he forgot to actually catch anything when fishing over the wreck. Better luck next time, Rog ! Bookings are now being taken for the following trips: Sunday, August 19, Brixham; Saturday, September 15, Minehead ; Saturday, October 6, two trips — one to Brixham, one to Minehead; Saturday, November 3, Dartmouth.
EYESHNUPETY Total number of accidents for period:
IVIay/June ’78 May/June ’79
Steve Tfiorpe wearing his county badge. Sporting Couple Steve Thorpe, one of our secondyear apprentices, recently played cricket for Gloucestershire and has a county badge to prove it. But he doesn’t fancy his chances of being selected for a Test team. For the match, held on July 7 at Gotherington, in which 18-year-old Steve played for the county against Buckinghamshire, was not in the big league — it was arranged by the Gloucestershire Association of Boys’ Clubs Youth Organisation. Nevertheless, we’re delighted to report that Steve’s side made 200 runs against Buckinghamshire’s 99 all out, and on July 11 Steve was presented with his county badge by the Rt Hon Lord Vestey, president of the association, at the Gordon League Club, Hempsted.
US Tour Wayne Davies, an electrical apprentice in his final year, has already gone far. Last May he went across to the States — not on behalf of Rank Xerox but as scrum half for Bristol Rugby Club. The trip was an unexpected one. ‘I had been playing regularly for Bristol United, then lost most of last season through having to have my appendix removed’, Wayne told us, ‘so I was surprised to be asked to join their tour to the States.’ Using his two weeks’ holiday entitlement, he flew with the party of 30 to Kennedy Airport and played his first match the very next day. (‘We lost 12 :4 to a selected side from the East coast.’). During the 10-day tour they were hosted by members of the clubs they played. Four days were spent in New York, the next four in Philadelphia, then there was a two-day stop in Washington before flying back home. His comment that ‘we’re better than they are at rugger’ was borne out by the fact that, out of the five matches played, Bristol lost only the first one !
Congratulations to: Brian Sole (Goods Receiving Inspection) who has been made a Serving Brother of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in recognition of his 43 years’ work for the Ambulance Brigade.
A founder member of the Novacastrian (Newcastle) Division, he continued the good work when in 1952 he came to live in Cinderford.
Brian, who will attend his investiture in the autumn, is the fourth Mitcheldean person to be so honoured ; the others are Nurse Norah Miles, Works Fire Officer Tony Cale and Ken Hook (Technical Assurance).
Retirements Our best wishes go to the following who have recently retired or are about to retire: Keith Bennett (Piece Part Recovery) 11 years; Ralph Bradley (Assembly) 8 years; Arthur Brain (Assembly) 13 years; Eunice Brueford (Assembly) 8 years; David Buckwell (QA) nearly 16 years; Leslie East (Assembly) 6 years; Bert Fellows (Assembly) nearly 9 years; Jay Harris (QA) nearly 6 years; Beatrice Hewitt (Assembly) 8J years; Nancy Hodges (Engineering) 10i years; Vic Jones (Stores) 13 years; Frank Kear (Assembly) 9 years; Ivor Kibble (RX Cinderford) 16 years; Andrew Maurer (Assembly) 12 years; Cyril Meek (Materials) 10 years; Trevor Meredith (Tool Room) 13 years; Frank Merry (Assembly) 14 years; Kath Phillips (Cleaning Services) 6 years; Randal Rawlings (Stores) 12i years; Bernard Rowbotham (Assembly) 9 years; Frank Rodway (Materials) 9 years; Jeffrey Short (Assembly) 8 years; Walter Stubbs (Stores) nearly 12 years; Roy Voyce (QA) 10 years; Gil Walford (QA) 15 years; John Woodward (Machine Shop) 8 years; Eb Worsen (Supply Centre) 8 years. Service Awards Awards for 20 and 25 years’ service go to the following:
25 Years June— Bill Austin (Manufacturing Engineering). July — Jim Allum (Tool Control), John Linley (Model Shop), John Wood (Machine Shop).
20 Years June— Ron Lewry (Supply Centre), Eddie Shermer (Manufacturing Engineering— Group Staff), George Stephens (Production Stores). Jo// —John Perry (SPAD), John Wilks (Commodity Operations).
Above: Stephen and Jacqueline Beard Below: Alan and Angela Essex
Weddings Jane Davis (formerly secretary to John Malster, Engineering) to Harold Hale (Engineering) at St Mary’s Church, Ross-on-Wye, on May 12. Susan East (Electrical Sub-assembly) to Martin Greenway (fork-lift truck driver) at St Stephen’s Church, Cinderford, on May 26. Jacqueline Burris (Supplier Quality Assurance) to Stephen Beard (Tool Room) at St John’s Church, Cinderford, on June 9. Tony Tovey (RX Lydney) to Caroline Jelf at St Stephen’s Church, Cinderford, on June 9. Carole Roberts (Finance) to Steve Hardcastle (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) at Holy Trinity Church, Drybrook, on June 30. Alan Essex (Shop Control Machine Shop N/C Section) to Angela James at St. Mary’s Church, Ross-on-Wye, on July 7.
Births Claire Annette, a daughter for Pete James (Supply Centre) and his wife Cheryl (formerly Supply Centre), on June 24. Kathryn Jane, a daughter for Chris Saunders (Finance) and his wife Wendy, on July 3.
Above: Harold and Jane Hale Below: Martin and Susan Greenway
Steve and Carole Hardcastle
Engagement Ron Ruck (Machine Shop) to Mary Jordan on June 9.
Obituary We report with regret the following deaths: Dennis Barnard of Internal Transport on July 9 at the age of 54 — he had been with us for 13 years; Tony Gibbs (TED), aged 42, on July 17 — he joined us in 1968; Jim Waythe (Press & Adhesives) on July 16 at the age of 57 — he had been with us since January 1966.
Kath Shufflebotham, whose retirement we reported in our last issue, receives the gift of an electric fan from Manager Graham Linley and the good wishes of her colleagues in Bid 24 Assembly.
Another early retiree recently was Gil Walford, final inspector on the 5400 main line. Here Ted Price, Manager QC (CBA), hands over some goodbye gifts connected with Gil’s favourite hobby — gardening.
12 Printed in England by Taylor, Young (Printers) Ltd.
VISIONEXTRA Newsletter for Rank Xerox Mitcheldean Number 25, August 22,1979 ON A COMPETITIVE COURSE By bringing forward a development programme for some 120 supervisors – underlining the competition that our machines are facing in the marketplace, and the need for better control of costs, greater dficiency and impra’ed communication – at least some benefit has been salvaged from the past two Mondays of non-production. Introduced by Director Ron Morfee, the course began on August 13 with a showing of a video programme ‘Competition is getting keener – are you ?’ which everyone will have an opportunity to see in the near future. Following a presentation on cost control and other systems, the audience was divided into discussion groups and asked to come up with ideas on how they felt things could be improved in relation to their particular areas. Just to Remind You Recorded news and messages, regularly updated^ are available over the internal telephone system. ‘Phone on these numbers for the info you need: 1460 – Mitcheldean performance – how we are doing. 1461 – Mitcheldean key issues – problem areas and how we wish to solve them. 1462 – Company and Mitcheldean general news product launches, VIP visits, market conipetition. 1463 – Other issues f eg. industrial relations). Social Service A second employee at Mitcheldean has been granted Social Service Leave this year. Lyndon Morgan, who works in the Component section of Manufacturing Engineering, is spending six months, as from August 13, assisting the Cak House Trust in their work for the mentally handicapped. His new project is a DIY affair – helping to maintain the existing Cak House at Newland in the Forest of Dean (which accommodates 16 residents), and to convert a former private house into a residential home for a further number of adults, bringing it into line with fire and other regulations and getting the large garden under control. Lyndon, who has already helped the Trust in his spare time over a number of years, tells us that the aim is to involve the all-male residents in the work, within their capacity, so as to give them a feeling of usefulness to the community. Alan 7/hiles of 9400 Assembly, already on social service, has had his three months’ leave extended to six months and he will not now return until after Christmas. Alan, who is working with the National Children’s Home, has already taken a group of eight children camping to Linton, Devon, this summer. Now based at the NCH centre at Ebley (Stroud), he is taking a further group for a fortnight’s holiday at Southampton this month. On August 20 the theme was, chiefly, methods of briefing and other forms of communication on site, followed by group discussion on the subject. ether topics offered for discussion included the role of the supervisor and industrial relations and the law. The role of industrial engineering was also covered within the two-day programme. Our Training & Development people say they are very pleased by the constructive way in which the subjects have been tackled and the enthusiasm shown, and a number of ideas put forward are being considered for possible implementation at Mitcheldean. Organisation Changes The following changes in appointment and organisation have been made in recent weeks: Al Hagen, currently Director, Manufacturing & Supply Staff, is now responsible for all manufacturing operations in the UK, reporting to Dick Holmes, Director, Manufacturing & Supply Operations. The following now report to Mr. Hagen; Ron Morfee, Director, Mitcheldean Manufacturing Operations: Roger Haggett, Director, Welwyn Garden City Manufacturing Operations; Jim Mitchell, Manager, Quality Assurance and Technical Staff; Nigel Fercival, Manager, Electronics Support Operations; Mike Hook, Manufacturing Business Area Programme Manager (Special Businesses Division Products). J. (Rob) Robley Dixon, Manufacturing Business Area Programme Manager, Decentralised Products, and Geoff Webster, Manufacturing Business Area Programme Manager, Centralised Products, now report to Mr. Morfee. Les Inskip, f ormerly Manager, Works Engineering, has taken up an appointment in Programme Management; Graham Bunt, formerly Manager, Vendor Support Services, is now Manager, Works Engineering. Gerry Lane, Controller, Mitcheldean Plant, has assumed responsibility for the Business Planning & Control function, in addition to his present respcr.?ibilities, and John Huckett, Manager, Business Planning & Control, now reports to him. Time Checker services have been transferred to the Controller’s function. Brian Woolf’s responsibilities in respect of Time Checking remain unchanged and he now reports to Keith Garner, Manager, Cperations Analysis and Reporting. The post of Field Operations Audit Manager, UK Manufacturing SPAD, formerly occupied by Erie Forth (now Euro-MP for Birmingham North), has been taken up by John H. Kindt who comes to Rank Xerox from SPAD’s counterpart in Xerox. Tony Fleury has been appointed Project Manager XMP HI (the materials planning project), reporting to Dick Holcomb. David Sanderson succeeds Tony as Planning continued overleaf
ORGANISATICM CHANGES continued Manager, Materials, and John Eastwood is now Manager, Commodity Planning & Administration, replacing David. As a result of increasing business through Inter Plant Orders, Les Yemm has been appointed Manager, IPC, reporting to John Eastwood as from September 3; Les joins Commodity Cperations from Inventory Analysis. Chrio Saywood has been appointed Manager, Assembly Shop Control (Centralised Minor Subs Area), and Bill Dalberth is assisting him in setting up CMSA as a site strategy project. Chris remains as acting Progress Manager pending the appointment of his successor. John MacDonald has joined Peter Broomer’s organisation as Shop Control Manager – Electrical Subs within Materials Management. His former responsibilities within Manufacturing PCD have been allocated as follows: recovery operations to Les Bullock, Production Control Manager: sub-contracted parts recovery to Alec Jones, Production Control Manager, Sub-Contract. Graham Linley has been appointed Manager, Assembly Operations (Bids 11 and 24), reporting to Ralph Zimmermann. Tony Nurden has taken up a new appointment in 9400 Assembly Operations (Bid 40) where he reports to Brian Mould/Mike Perkins for day-shift activities. Cricket Score • Management won 151 for eight in their annual cricket match on August 15 versus Apprentices (29 all out). • The Sports & Social Club cricket team, having reached the quarter finals in the national Strongtww tounnament, had victory snatched from them by only six runs in their match against Crosskeys, Lydney. Congrats anyway, cricketers, on having got so’far without having had any previous experience as a team. Maybe next year,.,? HOME MARKET For Sale
Mitoheldean – thxee-bedroomed detached house, central heating, car port, price to include carpets, £17,950 (offers). I).”Wade, ext.558 Tiled fireplace with back boiler, all night burner, offers. Primatic tank and a radiator, offers. Pour night storage heaters, offers. Two kitchen benches, £5 each. White wedding dress, size l6, £50 o.n.o. Mrs. S.Davies, ext.1831 or Cinderford 22253. Eacpack lockable luggage container, fitting as roof rack, size 5f-t X 3ft X 1ft high, £35- ext. 1862 or Coleford 3677MGB Bermuda hardtop with tinted roof panels, ideal for those winter months, £50 o.n.o. I.Hale, ext.1865 Mitoheldean – detached house, open aspect, level gardens, excellent condition and decor, cavity wall insulation, large lounge (22ft), kitchen/diner, downstairs cloakroom, 3 bedrooms, attractive tiled bathroom, garage, £25,000 to include quality carpets, curtains, roller blinds etc. A.J.Harrison, Glos.28666, ext.264 (business hours). Morris Minor 4-door (1961), grey/red interior, MOT June 1980, £240, ext.1331. Hillman Hunter tow bar and spring assistors, £15. Fred Meek, ext.578 or Drybrook 542369. Lobster pot playpen, £8. Nursery heater (with thermostat), £3. Oil-filled radiator, £12. Electric strip wall heater, £6. J.Harris, Kit Stores, Bid 41/C, ext. 1231. Morris 1000-type wheels with tyres, good condition. Jim Watts, ext.707. Hoover semi-automatic twin-tub, £75. Jean Roberts, ext.1300. Mitoheldean – semi-detached cottage, no garden, large lounge, good kitchen and bathroom, all fully modernised/ excellent decor, 2 bedrooms, gas heating £15,950. Diybrook 543228 after 6pm.
Sound of Music On September 13, the function room of the club house will be filled with the sound of music – but not the usual disco variety. On that night the RX Music Club is laying on a special event devoted to the electric organ, or rather organs, for there will be some half dozen types on display from the Sound Centre, Newport. The programme, which will commence at 7.45pm, will be in two parts with an interval for refreshment. The first part will consist of a discussion and demonstration: the second part will take the form of a concert given by a young professional organist from Newport who will play a variety of music ranging from classical to Latin American. You don’t have to be a Music Club member to get in, and you don’t have to have a ticket (just bring your S&SC membership card along on the night); but, if you want to take part in the ticket number draw, apply to any of the following for free tickets: Phil Corin, Bid 44/4 (ext. 502 or 1326), Ted Lewis, Bid 51/2 (708), or John Short, Bid 51/3 (677).
Battle of the Sixes For the third year running. Supply Centre are holding a charity Summer Sports, which this time is to be in aid of the mentally handicapped children’s school at Cinderford. Instead of football, as in previous years, the sport will be slanted more in favour of the fair sex – it’s to be six-a-side hockey with four teams – Giggles Galore and Better Halves (S^jpply girls and wives) versus Other Rubbish and Unknown Qtiantity (Supply men and managers). The harrowing spectacle can be viewed at Harrow Hill on Sunday, September 2(‘bully off is at 2.30 pm); please come along to support the team(s) of your choice and take part in the raffle, so that a really good contribution can be made to the cause.
Wanted Lady’s/gent’s bicycle. Glan Jones, ext.1130. Model trains and Dinky toys. C.Eeid, Drybrook 542855 evgs. Automatic slide projector with carousel magazine, autofocus. J.Phillips, Bid 36, ext.559. Child-proof safety gate for stair barrier, and large folding fireg’j.ard. J.Wale, ext.409. MGB/itLdget/Vitesse engine and gearbox. Bill Stephens, ext.387. Flat or digs, by buyer in Gloucester area; prepared to share; ext.112. WANT TO BE A EEF? Dave Markey wants to hear from anyone interested in taking a football referee course – it’s held in the lunch break, lasts about two weeks and is free. Ring him on ext.664.
vrSI3N iXTEA la proiucaci by •a-.o-eijjaa Public Helatlcna and edited by Myrile Fowler. ::ew3 itama lor incluaion car. be sailed to her in the uaual way or ‘phoned through on e-Tt.566 or Dr/brook 5^2415.
Superstar Roger Roger Finning is a Superstar – at least, in Information Systems; he won the pub/summer games marathon held by the department in recent weeks. The 21 contestants had to compete in three out of five games in each of the two sections Roger scored 10 in one and 17 in the other. Runner-up was Dave Howells with 24, while Derek Robinson (22) and Brian Harper (20) finished third and fourth respectively.