Vision Magazine

Vision Magazine

With employees in three locations the management decided to create a Newsletter to keep all employees informed. We believe that this is unique resource as it covers, without break, the period from 1960 to 2002. We owe a big debt to the Management team at that time and also to Roy and Myrtle Fowler who were the original founders. Myrtle was the Editor for most of the period.

In February 2016 in her introduction to the release of the Vision Magazine DVD, Myrtle Fowler wrote:

“VISION proved to be an appropriate name for a house magazine that ran for 42 years.

Few could have foreseen that, from its modest beginning in May 1960, it would continue for so long, growing in readership as well as format, and acquiring at one stage a daughter in the form of the VISION EXTRA newsletter.

Its distribution also grew, from Mitcheldean and its satellite sites to individuals in the USA and other Xerox centres abroad.

I was fortunate to be able to play a part in this, thanks to the support and collaboration of so many, continuing as editor for 35 years and subsequently as a contributor under Ewart Woolley’s editorship.

A big thank you is due to long-server Gerald Cooke for engineering this record of VISION which he regards as an important family and social history collection that should be retained for future generations.”

Kindest Regards,

2024 UPDATE: In addition to the complete set in the Museum in the Town Hall, sets have been lodged with the Gage Library at Dean Heritage Centre, The British Library, The Gloucestershire Archives and shortly the Mitcheldean Library.

Vision 1 - 28
Vision 29 - 58
Vision 59 - 105
Vision 106 - 140
Vision 141 - 168
Vision 169 - 198
Vision 199 - 228
Vision 229 - 258
Vision 259 - 269

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Vision Magazine. The Memories of Rank Xerox Mitcheldean website was created by, and with the support, a group of ex-employees.

The Project was established in January 2017 to gather together, to preserve and share the heritage associated with the Mitcheldean Plant. From its early days as a Brewery through to Xerox.

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