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Dennis Cowmeadow

Dennis Cowmeadow

Ken Dobbs at a recent Xerox Museum Open Museum brought, amongst other things, a brochure featuring Dennis, I searched the Vision magazines for references to the brochure. I knew Myrtle Fowler would not let us down.

Dennis Cowmeadow (extract from Vision Magazine 194)

Dennis Cowmeadow has never sought publicity, but it seems to have pursued him. He has always worked on assembly inspection ever since the 914/813 days, which was when he was first caught by a candid camera.

“I was on the end of line station examining assemblies and I vaguely noticed a fellow taking photographs. “A couple of months later I was called into personnel department and given two copies of a Rank Xerox brochure featuring the quality side of our products, and there was my photograph on the cover.” It also appeared in an exhibition in London.

RX Brochure with Dennis Cowmeadow

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