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Vision 001

HERE’S a way to recoup some of your summer holiday expenses. VISION
is offering a prize of 3 gns. for the best photograph submitted Jr o its
Cover Picture Contest. The subject can be of your own choosing-a
portrait or a scene, at home or on holiday-and the winning picture will
be printed on our front cover. There will also be a second prize of I gm,
the photograph concerned being reproduced inside the magazine. Prints
must be glossy, unmounted, and not less than 6 in. wide x 7 in. deep.
Judges to be announced in the next issue of VISION will look for photographic
quality as well as subject matter interest in your entries. The
closing date for entries, which should be sent to: The Editor, VISION,
‘Fair View’, Plump Hill, Mitcheldean, is September 9. Photographs
submitted will be returned after judging. Don’t forget to put your name
and department on the back.
4 Perivale Piece
5 The World Comes to Mitcheldean
6 Mitcheldean Sports and Social News
7 Camera in the Cast
8-9 Picture Parade
10 What Makes People Buy Bell & Howell
12 Putting YOU in the Picture
IS Short Takes
GORDON TAYLOR, Al BP, AR PS, took the photograph on our front cover.
He has caught cameraman W. Brown (Tool Room) at work on the current
production of the Rank Precision Industries Cine Club-an 8mm. skit on
‘Do -it- Yourself’ activities. Directing Miss Loretta Mills (Assembly) is
J. Wedderburn (Tool Room), who also wrote the script.
CLIVE BROOKS (Quality Control) took many of the photographs used in
this issue.
RAY WATTS (Publicity) did the amusing drawings on pp. 12. 13 and 14.
Now that we have such a large family at
Mitcheldean it is becoming increasingly
difficult to keep you all advised of the
activities of our organisation. After
discussing this with a number of my
colleagues, we reached the conclusion that by
introducing this magazine we could keep you
all informed of what was going on, and, we
hope, give you a chance of participating in
future issues.
I do hope that you will co-operate with the
Editor, Mrs. M. Fowler, letting her have
details of items of interest that you would
like considered for incorporation in the
I am looking forward to contributing
personally to future issues, and I hope to be
in a position to report continued progress.
In the meantime I leave with you the following
thought: better jobs and greater security will
only be achieved if we all work with, and not
against, each other.
Divisional Chief Executive.
……………………… .:9;Bni … …….. ………
GB Sports & Social Club-Highlights
of the Club’s activities during the past
six months or so have included a
Children’s Outing and Party and a St.
Patrick’s Night Dance. On January 23
Club members’ children were taken by
coach to the Winter Garden Theatre to
see the pantomime ‘Alice in Wonderland’.
For the toddlers, a lively party
was organised at the Film Library on
January 30. Films were shown, needless
to say, and Father Christmas distributed
presents provided by the Club.
Members and guests enjoyed a
splendid evening at the Greenwood
Hotel, South Harrow, on March 17
when the St. Patrick’s Night Dance
proved a great success.
Long Service Association-The GB
Film Library branch of the Rank
Precision Industries LSA held its first
annual dinner on March 31 at the Park
Hotel, Hanwell. Presentations of silver
cigarette caskets and £20 in value or
cash for 25 years’ service with the
company were made by Mr. J. E. T.
Haile. Among those who received
awards was Mr. S. Mc Morris of the
GB Film Library.
National Golf Trophy-Mr. A. W.
Tozer (Film Hire Department) has won
the J. Arthur Rank National Golf
Trophy. This is awarded for the best
two medal rounds on any course in
Great Britain between June and July.
Dartnell Cup Presentation – The
inter-departmental darts team competition
was won by Technical Department,
captained by Mr. Roy Liddiard.
Runners-up in the tough final match
were Film Store Department, captained
by Mr. Len Cockayne. The magnificent
Dartnell Silver Cup was handed over by
Mr. A. R. Hodge, General Manager, on
February 10. The Company welcomes a
visit which is to be made in June this
year by Mr. Gordon Fyfe of the
Dartnell Corporation of Chicago who
very kindly donated the cup. It will be
competed for annually.
Ireland Visit-On March 22, Mr.
Hodge, together with Mr. J. Hissey.
Industrial Adviser, visited the Northern
Ireland Group of ISMA at Belfast,
where several salesman-training films
were shown. Next day they travelled on
to Dublin where salesman-training films
were shown to the sales managers of
Southern Ireland industry. Whilst in
Belfast Mr. Hodge and Mr. Hissey were
received by the Lord Mayor, and
escorted to many places of interest.
including Stormont (the Northern
Ireland Houses of Parliament).
Gloucester Industrial Film Festival-
Mitcheldean and Perivale came much
closer than they are in actual mileage
when the Library actively participated
in the Gloucester Industrial Film
Festival which took place on February
23-26. Among the films shown were
three released through the Library:
‘The Information Machine’, ‘Sound
Recording and Reproduction’, ‘Steam
and Steam Generation’.
Film Unit Visit-The Library has
much to do with the finished product
and it therefore caused considerable
interest when a film unit visited Perivale
to film its activities-required for a
Ronk Precision Industries Ltd. have
been awarded the Royal Warrant as
manufacturers of cinematograph equipment
to H.M. the Queen. This was
announced in the ‘London Gazette’ of
January 1, 1960.
demonstration film being made about
the use of film in industry. Star of the
show was Miss Laye in the Film
Examination Department who was
selected for a special sequence to
demonstrate the work of film repairing.
35 mm. Projector Installed-A longawaited
35 mm. projector has now been
installed as part of the preview theatre
projection equipment. The increasing
amount of sound recording and preview
work now being handled by the Technical
Services Department has made this
a very necessary piece of equipment.
Spanish Honeymoon-Miss Maureen
Riley, secretary to Mr. D. Pluck, Film
Hire Manager, will be married on
August 13 to Mr. Barry Hatcher.
Maureen and Barry, who met each
other in the company, plan to spend
their honeymoon in Spain. Barry is now
with EMI.
Spring Babies Various farewell presentations
were made to Mrs. Sheila
O’Connell who left on March 4 to
prepare for a ‘happy event’. This page
provides us with an opportunity to
convey her appreciation for all the good
wishes she received, and to welcome
Miss Goodey who has taken her place
as secretary to Arthur Hall, Technical
Manager. Also expected in April, when
this magazine went to press, was a baby
for Mrs. Simpson, wife of Eric Simpson
(Homes Sales Department). Eric is
already getting that harassed father’s
WITHIN the last twelve months or so, the
Service Department has received students
for training courses from places as
varied as the British Cameroons, Ghana.
/scar qd-llay Quraishy
from Karachi
Trainees from within the UK have
been just as varied in their vocationshospital
matrons, prison officers, headmasters,
Brooke Bond publicity teams,
petty officers from the Royal Naval
electronic research station, HMS Coilingwood,
and the Medical Officer of
Currently training at Mitcheldean is
twenty-year-old Israr-ul-Haq Quraishy,
who has come all the way from Karachi,
Pakistan. His curriculum will include
instruction in each of the shops, in the
Service Department itself and in the
35 mm. studios. After spending some
two-and-a-half years over here, he will
return to work in his brother’s Bell &
Holland, India, Lebanon, Seychelles, Howell agency in Karachi where he will
Sweden and Syria! be responsible for servicing and repairs.
Dutch technicians on a recent service training course had this picture taken of them at
Mitcheldean with Frank Edwards (Training Supervisor) (second from right) and Ron
Boakes (Camera Project Engineer) (third from left). Their names-(1. to r.) Shoers,
Hardenbol, Pallandt and Jonker. Messrs. Sluyters and Hardenbol were both members
of the Resistance during the last war. The gentleman on Mr. Edwards’ left is a Mr. Evans
from Scotland.
Sports & Social News
THE annual general meeting of the
Sports and Social Club was held on
April 2, and the committee for 1960 is
now as follows: Chairman: R. H. Camp
(Mechanical Laboratory); Secretary:
R. J. Malsom (Personnel Manager);
Treasurer: J. W. Disney (Plant Engineer);
Group Representatives: (I) Mrs. Knapgate,
Mrs. Roberts: (2) W. A. Gaylard:
(3) F. Pritchard; (4) D. Cook; (5) D.
Fisher. F. Goodyear: (6) M. Bent.
H. Fisher, D. Griffiths.
Membership of the Club is now 706
(55 new members have been signed on
this year), and there are 22 associate
A new television set, offering both
ITV and BBC programmes with a 21-in.
screen, has been acquired for the Club
House. while future planning includes
the installation of strip lighting in the
dance room and possible purchase of
new furnishings.
Actin ities this year have included an
outing to the pantomime in Gloucester
for the children and a New Year’s Night
Dance. A Young People’s Evening has
been held regularly every week with
skittles, darts, table tennis, dancing.
TV, etc., while a recent innovation is a
Tombola Night every other Saturday.
The weekly Football sweep will end
shortly and it is proposed to introduce in
its place a weekly raffle for equipment
made by the company.
I in_ Annual Table Tennis Competitions
have recently been completed. The
singles winner was L. Bonser (Sales
Order) who beat G. Park (624 line) and
the same player won the doubles
competition when, with R. Jones
(Design DO) in an exciting final, they
beat E. Wenderlish (Assembly) and D.
Barnard (TED) two games to one.
THE Annual, Individual and Inter-
Departmental Knock-out Darts Competitions
are again under way. These
competitions aroused great interest
throughout the factory last year, and it
is hoped that the same response will be
forthcoming this year. At the time of
going to print, names were coming in
fast and furiously. Last year’s winners
have again entered, namely, E. Knight
(Assembly). Individual. H. Compton and
M. Brain (Heat Treatment), Department
Pairs winners, so come on you
dart fiends, let’s try and wrest these
titles from them!
THE fishing season starts in June. and
the Angling Section of the Club has
already contacted the Ediswan Cable
Works, Lydbrook, and the Ross
Angling Club with a view to arranging
coarse fishing competitions. There are
already sufficient people interested to
make up a team but if anyone else
would like to join, will they please
contact W. Brown (Tool Room). The
necessary equipment can be loaned to
members who do not have their own.
THE current production of the Cine
Club is an 8 mm. skit on ‘Do It Yourself’
activities, with script by J. Wedderburn
(Tool Room) and a cast from Cine
Club and Sports and Social Club
members. Completed sequences are
very encouraging, reports chairman D.
R. Elliott, Chief Quality Control
Engineer. Other past activities of the
club, which is affiliated to the Federation
of Cine Societies, have included
instruction evenings and film shows,
sessions on different techniques of cinematography,
annual competitions for
eine or ‘still’ work, and visits to other
clubs. Weather and pressure of evening
work, however, have curtailed activities
during the winter months.
With the winding-up of the London
Photographic Club (Mortimer Photographic
Society), it is intended to
reform the Rank Precision Industries
Cine Club in two sections under a
general committee with two subsections
covering: (a) Cine (8 mm. and
16 mm.); (b) Still work. A meeting will
be held shortly to finalise this arrangement.
With the arrival of better weather, it is
hoped to increase membership and to
plan a definite programme of training
and film production with competitions
in each section.
Any Sports and Social Club members
interested should hand in their names to
one of the following: Mr. D. R. Elliott
(Quality Control), Mr. W. Brown (Tool
Room), Mr. J. Wedderburn (Tool
Room), Miss D. Barker (Assembly),
Mr. A. Cornwall (Export Sales), Mr. A.
Mason (Service Department).
It is intended to arrange visits to
places of photographic interest in the
coming season, but enthusiastic new
members are urgently needed to ensure
The Cine Club runs an 8 mm. film
hire service at very modest charges and
will undertake 8 mm. and 16 mm.
filming or projection for needy causes
without charge.
`At Home’
ON APRIL 12 the Home Sales Department
was ‘At Home’ to all departments
at Mitcheldean. Held at the Club
House, the occasion was designed to
acquaint everyone with the 1960 sales
story-promotional activities, advertising
campaign, etc.
It was the first such meeting of its kind
here, and was felt to have been a well
worthwhile arrangement.
Our Visitors
RECENT visitors to the Mitcheldean
factory have included Douglas O’Brien,
the outside industrial executive of Sound
Film Services Ltd., Cardiff, on March 9,
and A. Lomas, of the World Council of
Christian Education and Sunday School
Association, on March 10.
On March 1 a team of experts from
the staff of Bensons Tool Works Ltd.,
Brimscombe, Stroud, came to the
factory on an inter-factory visit arranged
under the auspices of the Gloucestershire
Productivity Association (affiliated
to the British Productivity Council).
Helen (Anna ,iisgmeting
films by Mark (Carl Boehm)
USTR1AN actor Carl Boehm, Moira
Shearer, Anna Massey and Maxine
Audley are the stars in a new spinechilling
British film ‘Peeping Tom’ that
had its premiere on April 7 at London’s
Plaza Theatre. But an important part in
the film is played by a cast whose names
do not appear in lights-the Bell &
Howell equipment used throughout as
an integral part of the plot.
The story is about a young man who, as
a child, had been the subject of his father’s
scientific experiments. The father, now
dead, had been a doctor of psychology,
interested in the varying qualities of fear
in human beings. He used his son as a
‘guinea pig’, photographing his reactions
to frightening situations. Now a grown
man, Mark (Carl Boehm) is engaged
upon his documentary film-a continuation
of his father’s experiments. His
object is to photograph the reactions of
his victims the instant they realise he
intends to kill them.
A Model 70 DR camera, with three
Taylor-Hobson lenses, is the camera
used for Mark’s filming; the projector
used mainly is a Model 613,
while the screen seen in the film is
a Miralyte Minor. Other equipment
loaned to Michael Powell Film Productions
included Models 627, 603T, 636
and dummy Model 636, as well as a
Hi-Lyte 707.
In private life Carl Boehm is a keen
16mm. cine enthusiast: he recently took
about 3,000 ft. in the Pacific while on
location for another film.
Mr. F. Wickstead presents a painting by local artist 1: J. Rice
of the Rank Precision Industries ‘new’ building at Mitcheldean
to Mr. Cyril Hart, now Lecturer in Forestry at the Royal
Agricultural College, Cirencester. One of Mr. Hart’s assignments
as former personal assistant to Mr. Wickstead was to
help in the planning of the building.
Two notable personalities paid a visit to Mitcheldean in March-Mr. Charles H. Percy,
President of Bell & Howell, Chicago, and Mr. Richard Dimbleby. broadcaster and
commentator, as well as film company director. (Above) Mr. Percy discusses a camera
mechanism he is holding with Mr. S. J. Scott (Assembly Supervisor). Looking on are
Mr. T. A. Law (Managing Director, Rank Precision Industries) and Mr. F. Wickstead.
(Below) Mr. Dimblebv is introduced to a grinding machine by Mr. H. L. Saunders
(Machine Shop Supervisor). On his left and right-Mr. A. J. Pincombe and Mr.
Fred Coombes is building quality. What
exactly is he doing? He’s checking the
concentricity of the 16 mm. motor fan and
hub assembly. Fred, married, with two
children, has been working for Rank Precision
Industries for the past six years.
On the TV Baby Sitting stand
at the recent ‘Ideal Home
Exhibition’ four of the five
TV screens were simulated by
transparencies projected on
Bell & Howell Hi-Lyte 707s,
so saving the expense of actual
TV closed circuit cameras.
Only the image on the
extreme left screen (in
picture below) was produced
by a normal TV camera.
An intensely concentrating Laurence Harvey discussing
points about the Model 640 projector he had just boutrht
at the Bell & Howell shop in Hanover Square with the
Manager, Mr. Les Carter (centre), and Divisional Public
Relations Officer, Mr. Derek Dutton (left). The star of
‘Room at the Top’ and ‘Espresso Bongo’ has taken thousands
of feet of 16 mm. film on locations all round the worldnow
plans magnetic soundtracks with commentaries, music
and background effects.
C-00g tttttt att.
Secretary Gwen Jones helps herself
to a drink from the ‘Venda’
dispenser newly installed at Mitcheldean.
There’s a choice of plain milk,
strawberry flavoured milk or orange
squash in sealed fridge-cold cartons
for 6d. each. No plans yet to add beer
to the range, we understand!
VISION takes a look at the
UK Sales Organisation to see
You read the Sunday. Express?
Then, last Sunday, you were just one
of 1.967,000 potential Bell & Howell
customers who learned-through an
advertisement-that Autoset movies are
as easy as taking a snap!
If you don’t take the Sunday Express
have a look at the top right reproduction
opposite and imagine it occupying a
space approximately 13 in. 9 in. It’s
the largest national newspaper space
ever taken in the history of this company.
In fact, so our London Advertising
Department reports, this year’s press
advertising campaign for 8 mm. Bell &
Howell is the most extensive we have
ever undertaken.
Readers of the Sunday Times, Sunday
Dispatch and Today (the new John Bull)
as well as the Sunday Express will all see
our large-space advertisements throughout
the cine season.
For Bell & Howell this means more
than three and a half million people in
the British Isles will read about Autoset
and Sundial cameras.
Already, as a result of our earlier
advertising this year, requests for
leaflets are pouring into our Mitcheldean
Sales Office. Moreover, Peter Carr.
Geoff Gray, Cyril Powell and Eb.
Worse 11-who jointly look after our
dealer’s needs-report a steady flow of
orders for our products.
What else are we doing to make the
great British public Bell & Howell
minded ?
We’re advertising in a dozen different
large-circulation provincial newspapers.
Papers such as the London Evening
Standard, Birmingham Mail. Liverpool
Echo and Glasgow Evening Times. Total
circulation of this campaign-over three
and a half million again!
We’re producing a 35 mm. colour
tilmlet for our dealers to use in their
local cinemas.
We’re mounting large-scale window
displays in dealers’ shops.
We’re maintaining-through our
London Public Relations Office-a
constant supply of news items, articles,
features and photographs for the
editorial columns of every interested
newspaper and magazine.
Moreover, we cater for the needs of
the technical and specialist user of our
equipment. We appeal to him through
the pages of trade and business magazines.
We catch his eye by mounting
exhibitions around the country.
Specially trained representatives visit
him in his home or office to analyse his
individual problems.
The Film Library at Perivale, too,
operates a Publicity Department of its
own which carries out vigorous advertising
and promotional programmes
throughout the year.
Many of you will, no doubt, have
seen the lavish catalogue produced by
Jack Latreille (Library Publicity
Manager) which lists over three hundred
feature films and many hundreds of
‘shorts’ for hire on 16 mm.
Reports from Perivale indicate that
last winter’s film hire bookings broke
all records.
No wonder Rank Precision Industries
has been acclaimed the most pcmerful
advertiser of cine in the business
Now, what does it mean to you ?
How do you benefit from these
activities by our Advertising, Public
Relations and Sales Departments ?
Fundamentally, it means greater
security and a widening horizon. The
more John Public knows about Bell &
Howell the more he is likely to buy our
product. The more product he buys the
more we must make. The more we
make . . . well, work it out for yourself.
Madam-if you read Woman you’ll soon
be seeing Bell & Howell equipment
featured in its pages. That’s another
eight and a half million readers for us!
easy as taking a snap!
lil I I ,s, 110V% I I I
‘n.o.7.”w7.f.’ ….n.. .:.1…=……. 111 0 ere ,0 .”” 0 moans – an own. ry Ile 1
`”””‘” “””
“. &NY 111 16 . woo
====e.”….= Seat 16.00a
1,814,1 4 1.19Ili
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3 ,tri tier, ,14
Mfotle .Me.e P1OOMMIONom / . …a easy g A11. a *v. …m.o.maI&I AIMN 11I.1/1 / SP=ao 0M ofst.. *wmoao a.d aI rPmew lbso or.
IT COSTS u 1111,
rr wow Ir Gual
Some of the Bell & Howell press advertisements which will be drawing in the
customers during 1960.
o 11
Putting YOU
in the Picture
Mr. F. Wickstead has been visiting the
U.S.A. to talk with Bell & Howell about
future programmes. While there he
took the opportunity to visit two other
companies regarding long-term development
on other than B. & H. products.
Mr. A. S. Pratt,
formerly Chief
Engineer of the
G.B.-Kalee Division
of Rank
Precision Industries,
joined Division
II at Mitcheldean
as Technical
Chief of the
Division. He is
assuming technical
for, and will be the authority
regarding design, performance, etc., of,
all products manufactured and/or sold
by the Division. To this end Bell & Howell
and XeroX Design, Drawing Office,
Mechanical and Electrical Laboratory
have become responsible to Mr. Pratt,
following the transfer of Mr. J. Knox to
our Leeds factory where he is now
General Works Manager. The remainder
of the Engineering Department becomes
part of the Manufacturing Division under
the direction of Mr. R. E. Baker, Works
Manager. These sections are split between
Mr. W. E Blaich (Production
Engineer) and Mr. P. M. Gregory
(Project Engineer).
Export Manager Alan Deaves leaves the
company today (April 29) to take up a
new appointment in Surrey. The
constitution of the Export Department
remains basically as it is at present with
Mr. Derek Hopes as Assistant Export
Bell & Howell engineer Art Thompson,
who has been seeing us through our
pilot run on a new camera, said goodbye
in March. We enjoyed having Art with
us and trust he has pleasant memories
of his visit.
T. H. Wear, a former chargehand in one
of the manufacturing shops, is leaving
the company to join ACF (African
Consolidated Films) in Nairobi, Kenya,
to service Bell & Howell equipment. His
decision to go abroad means that the
Service Department is also losing a
member of its staff-his wife Marie. Mr.
and Mrs. Wear fly out at the beginning
of May.
F. V. Vivian Hoare left the company’s
Purchase Department on March 11 to
take up an appointment with British
Nylon Spinners, Gloucester.
Mrs. Jean Roberts left the company in
March after 12 years’ service in the
Engineering Department. Her husband,
Ron Roberts, formerly personal assistant
to Mr. R. E. Baker, Works Manager,
joined the outside sales staff (Midlands
area), and Jean and Ron have consequently
had to move house to Leicester.
Taking Jean’s place is Kathleen Hiatt.
Kathleen has been with the company
before-from January 1955 to October
1956. She returned to this company
from the personnel department of
Meredith & Drew in January last.
Also new recruits to the ranks of the
company’s area managers are Richard
Luff and Jack Smith, who have both
come from the Bond Street, London,
branch of Lewis Newcombe Ltd.
Richard started work covering London
Suburbs at the beginning of March,
while Jack, who joined last December,
covers the Eastern area.
Michael Hawkins, amplifier chargehand
in Assembly, left the company on
February 29 to take up the post of
assistant to the general manager at an
engineering factory at Lydney. The
job of amplifier chargehand has been
taken over by Harry Helm.
A. Little has been appointed a section
chargehand in the Machine Shop.
Pat Smith, previously with Machine
Shop Progress, transferred at the
beginning of March to Les Davies’
department to train as an analytical
chemist in the Chemical Laboratory.
Pat Farr (Assembly Progress) left the
company on April 8 to become receptionist
at the Windsor Hotel, Westonsuper-
R. Bowket has transferred from 33
Stores to Service Department.
The ‘new’ face at the gate is a familiar
one to all in Assembly Progress-it
belongs to Bob Holliday, who transferred
to Security on March 21. He
replaces H. H. Parsons, who has left for
another appointment.
Our Congratulations to …
B. Symonds (Press & Auto Shop), who
married Miss Kathleen Evans at St.
John’s, Cinderford, on March 5.
Miss Lorna Davies (Sub Section,
Assembly), who left on February 26 to
become the bride of Terence Turner of
Huntley at Blaisdon Church on March 5.
Miss Jean Baldwin (Assembly), who
became the bride of Jeffery Howell of
Hereford at Forest Church, Drybrook,
on March 12. Jean resumed work at
Mitcheldean after a locally spent
Mr. and Mrs. R. Reed at their reception
On March 19 Ann Baker (secretary to A. J.
Pincombe) married Roger Hickson (Export Sales)
at St. John’s Church. Cinderford. Father’s duties
are traditionally heavy on such occasions: but Bob
Baker (Works Manager) added to his the job of
making and icing the three-tier cake, here being
cut by the bride and bridegroom at the reception at
Bradley Court Hotel. The happy couple hare a
bungalow home in Cinderjord.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Symonds after the ceremony
Raymond Reed, who married Miss
Pearl Williams on March 19 at St.
Ethelbert’s, Littledean. Mr. Reed, of the
Engineering Department, has been with
the company 10 years.
Miss Angela Jones (Assembly), who was
married to Michael Taylor of Newent
at St. John’s Church, Coleford, on
March 19. After honeymooning in
Cornwall, the new Mrs. Taylor resumed
work at Mitcheldean.
Miss Margaret Powell (Export Sales
Administration), who was married on
March 26 at St. John’s, Coleford, to
Donald Brain. She is remaining with
the company.
Driver G. Childs, who was married on
March 26 at St. Michael’s, Tintern. to
Miss Margaret Williams.
Geoff Gray (Sales Order), who married
Miss Christine Payne on April 23 in
Barry, South Wales.
Jean Parr, secretary to Ray Watts
(Publicity), who left in March to marry
Cpl. Keith Carpenter at Linton. Her
place has been taken by Beryl Meek.
Peggy Townsend (Accounts, Sales
Ledger), who became engaged on St.
Patrick’s Day to John Munnelly.
And congratulations in advance to
Grace Boddy (Hollerith, Accounts).
Grace, who was principal boy in the
Wesleyan Players’ Christmas production
of ‘The Little Goose Girl’ at Cinderford,
is to be principal girl on October 8-the
date now fixed for her wedding.
New Arrivals
Not perhaps so new now, but still an
arrival as far as this magazine is concerned-
Neil, born January 21 to Terry
Buffrey (Works Chemist) and Irene
(née Thomas), formerly with Assembly
Inspection. Neil tipped the scales at
5 lb. 13 oz.
Trudi Lorraine. a 91 lb. daughter for
Mrs. Maureen Harper and her husband
Len, who arrived on January 27.
Better known in the company as Miss
Thomas, Maureen was the immediate
predecessor to Jean Roberts, having
been secretary for three years to Mr. J.
Knox when he was in charge of Product
Helen Elizabeth, a second child for
Ivor Jordan (Polishing Shop) and his
wife Dulcie. Helen arrived on March 4,
weighed 6 lb.
Also weighed in at 6 lb.-Martin Edward,
son of Bob Morman (Service Department)
and his wife Jean, who used to be
with Production Control. Despite his
mother’s experience in that department,
however, Martin made a somewhat
tardy appearance on March 9 !
Mr. and Mrs. G. Childs
THREE members of the staff at Mitcheldean
will be receiving 25-year awards
for long service at a dinner to be held at
the Chase Hotel, Ross, on May 10. A
silver cigarette casket suitably inscribed,
a cheque (or article of similar value) and
a scroll awarded by the Group Long
Service Association will be presented to
Mr. G. 0. Fisher (Electrical Laboratory),
Mr. F. O’Hare (Service Manager) and
Mr. A. S. Osborne (Finished Goods and
Warehouse Manager), while from
Mitcheldean LSA there will be a pigskin
wallet, inscribed, for each of the
veterans. All three commenced their
service with the company at Woodger
Road, Shepherds Bush.
* * *
The key of the door was qualified for by
Wendy Smith (Goods Inwards) on
April 5-her twenty-first birthday.
* * *
Welcome back to Phil Cleal (Supervisor,
Small Batch), who has been absent for
a year owing to trouble with his back,
and to J. Bennett (Tool Stores), away
since November because of illness.
‘Nor %Nod& gas cooker, in reasonably
good condition, going free to anyone
who cares to collect it. Four burners,
grill and oven. Ring Ross 2601.
‘Neoca’ 2S 35 mm. camera, excellent
condition, in leather Ever-ready case,
complete with lens hood and filters.
Cost originally £21-bargain at £14!
Phone Drybrook 415.
Wanted-lady’s long riding boots, size
5-5i. Box No. 1, cio VISION, Fair View,
Plump Hill. Mitcheldean, Glos.
National Savings Club
WITH a membership of 350 plus, the
National Savings Club is enjoying a
record year. The Mitcheldean factory
has 13 separate collectors who cover the
whole of the premises; this makes for
easy running of the scheme, since
depositors have no need to leave their
work in order to make their savings
New members are always welcome.
Lists of collectors for each department
are on the notice boards, together with a
list of rules, but anyone in difficulty
(except financial, of course!) is asked to
contact the secretary, D. Barnard
(T.E.D.), Tel.: 150 INT.
Structural Changes
HAVING ducked just in time to avoid a
large piece of ducting leaving the
ceiling, VISION learned of various
structural changes being carried out
on the manufacturing side at Mitcheldean.
The building now erected near the
pool is a completely new magnesium
fettling shop, where operations are
scheduled to start early in May.
The Pre-Paint Shop have just installed
new washing treatment plant and are in
the process of installing a chromate
plant for magnesium castings. This
shop also acquired a new roof of
asbestos last month, the former metal
roof having proved unsuitable because
of condensation problems.
Dig This !
THE green fingers of F. (Pat) O’Hare are
responsible for the sprouting of various
weird and wonderful plants rejoicing in
such names as ‘Butcher’s Broom’, which
are appearing on the window sills of the
Service Department. ‘A plant in every
window is his ultimate aim-looks as
if we’ll be needing more windows soon,
for one geranium plant alone has
produced 37 ‘pups’, so we are informed.
Competition for Snaps …
THE Isle of Man Tourist Board has
released details of its 22nd Annual
Amateur Photographic Competition.
Over £300 in cash prizes are being
offered-two special prizes of £50 each,
four of £20, four of £10, four of £5, and
40 of £1 each, as well as numerous other
cash prizes offered by local authorities.
The £50 prizes are for the black and
white print and the colour transparency
which best exhibit the attractiveness
of the Isle of Man as a holiday
resort. Only shots taken during the 1960
visiting season (between Easter and
September 30) will be eligible.
Anyone interested can get a leaflet
giving full details from Miss Ann
Morgan, secretary to the Personnel
Manager. at the Gatehouse.
… and Safety Ideas
A SIMPLE yet startling idea-such as cats’
eyes on the roads-which could save
life and limb: if you have such an idea,
don’t keep it to yourself. It could do
you, and many others, a lot of good.
Handsome cash prizes, as well as
advice on marketing their ideas, are
being offered to the winners of a
National Safety Contest. The contest,
which emanated from an informal
meeting at the House of Commons last
year, will, it is hoped, bring into the
open practical ideas from industry to
cut down the accident rate not only at
work but also in the home and on the
The contest started on April 25 and
lasts until May 23. Chairman is Mr.
Richard Reader Harris, MP for Heston
and Isleworth.
More than £1,000 is available as
prize money, and the outright winner
will get £500. Six finalists will travel to
London early in June and may appear
before television cameras as a panel of
judges decides which idea is the most
practical and could be the most effective
in reducing accidents. Full details can
again be obtained from Mr. Malsom’s
Printed by The Victor James Press Limited, Couisdon, Surrey.
11 11)mr–11
iii 11 11111111rorilik
The G.8. Film Library
at Perivale, Middlesex
Rank Precision Industries Ltd.
offices at 37 41 Mortimer Street.
London. W.1
The Bell & Howell shop
in Hanover Square, London
The main building of
Rank Precision Industries Ltd.
at Mitcheldean. Gloucestershire

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